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CRY for Matthew - Cardiac Risk in the Young

The parent charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young, C.R.Y, was founded in 1995, the year that Matthew Dewhirst was born, to raise funds and awareness of the conditions known as S.A.D’s, Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome.

The vision that C.R.Y have is to work with Cardiologists and family doctors throughout the UK to promote and protect the cardiac health of our young by establishing good practice and screening
facilities devoted to significantly reducing the frequency of young sudden cardiac death, currently put at 12 a week in the UK.

The CRY for Matthew fund aims to screen a minimum of 400 young hearts
every year in Shropshire, which has a cost of £20,000. To date, we have
screened over 2200 young people and 6% have been found to have an
otherwise unknown heart issue, some life threatening.
Please have the teen in your life screened.

Remember, #12aweek

Sue Dewhirst