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Network with Style on Facebook

Create yourself both a personal and business profile via the login page found at: . If you struggle to find the business appl. it can be found at the foot of the
‘NWS’ Facebook page. (N.B. This is a free online site.)

Ensure you select the correct category for your business page i.e. store, organisation etc.
N.B. if you want to target a specific area ensure you add this to your page title.

Start to build your audience! Locate people you know and ‘add them as a friend’ to your
personal page or send a message and ask them to ‘become a fan’ of your business page.

Visit the ‘Network with Style’ Facebook page and ‘become a fan’. Ensure that you post your  
business details on the discussion board under ‘Tell us about yourself’. You’ll also find lots of familiar
faces on there.

Search for groups/organisations etc relevant to your business i.e. for Party Bags I searched
under parents, children, mums etc and become a fan/join group. This will enable you to post details
on the ‘wall/discussion board’ and give you the opportunity to add a link back to your Facebook
page and website.

Search for products and services related to your business i.e. for Party Bags I searched children's
clothes, furniture etc and send a message suggesting that you reciprocate links between your Facebook pages.

Add a link to your Facebook page to your e-mail signature, you’ll be amazed how many people use the site.

Once you have built a fan base for the page you can send updates to your fans much like an email
newsletter. Don’t over do it though; once every 6 weeks or so should suffice or you may find that fans
will leave.

Add the ‘Biz Tag’ to your personal profile which is another route to displaying your business details on
friends and associates profiles. This is only available to profiles where ‘work’ info has been given.

The sums:

If 1 fan has 10 friends who in turn visit your page to take a look, then think of the results after you
have enticed 10, 20, 100 fans.

The beauty is that friends of friends join without having to be asked. Referral business is the
most successful form of a sale!  
Thanks to Leigh Clarke of Special Additions for providing this help guide.  
Click here to learn more about Special Additions.
Why not come and join us on the Network with Style Facebook Page which in turn will help to promote your business.  
Its easy to do and below you will find a guide explaining how you too can have your own business Facebook page!