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I have gained many new clients from attending and from NWS referrals.The meetings have always been beneficial and the speakers informative. Have particularly enjoyed the IT and Solicitor speakers. I believe the balance of networking and speakers work. Have definitely benefited from sponsoring meeting.

Jenny Osborne of Henshalls Insurance Brokers
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Trading Standards and Copyright Law talks were very interesting AND very useful, also the football match was really memorable.  I look forward to the meetings and meeting friends or colleagues there.  Also helped with my confidence when I went through a bad patch.

Barbara Rainford of Strawberry Fields

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Directly as a result of attending NWS meetings I have had excellent editorial publicity from the Shropshire Magazine.

Beverley Lecointe of The Virtual PA

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Network with Style has given me new clients, new contacts to refer people to and information on other events that I have attended.

Jane Shaw of JS Admin

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Confidence definitely.  It helps remind me that I am actually in business!  That might sound daft,a but when you work alone and sell, as I do at the moment, through occasional fairs it can be difficult to stay in a business frame of mind.  I've also made some new friends.

Sue Christian - Handweaver

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I have gained one outlet for our jewellery from a member, I have found a very reasonable supplier of packaging materials and have also learned about many markets and fairs at which I have been able to sell our jewellery.

Joan Tunnicliffe of Raucous Rocks

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I have found that as a new business owner that has not needed to interact with other businesses before,  my confidence has grown as a result of the meetings, both from standing up and telling people what we do to talking to new people

Lisa Rushton of Ewings and Rushton

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Thanks for NWS I have found a new accountant and also found out about other events that have been useful to me.

Sue Carlin of Sunnymead Kennels & Cattery Sunny Groom Studio

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I have been on 2 seminars about internet marketing and Google thanks to you letting me know.  I also have been to a book launch and found out about Enterprise Nation.  The information you send out between meetings is very valuable and very much appreciated.

Lilian Waud of What Can I Wear .Com

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Giving me access to good quality local businesses eg Henshalls Insurance Brokers

Kay Heald of Kay Heald HR

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Thanks! I really enjoyed  the evening and will be a regular attendee. Great atmosphere, great speakers and great  to feel a part of it straight away. Kath

Kathryn Griffin -  (new member Summer 2009)